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Wonderful World of UU Campus Ministry!

Posted by Kayla Parker // October 11th 2011 // Guides and Tools, On Campus, Stories and Voices // no comments

We are students, lay leaders and religious professionals of all ages, identities and life experiences who are committed to creating Unitarian Universalist opportunities for fellowship, spirit and service on college campuses across the continent.

We do our work because we are called to it. And we love it; it’s fun, fulfilling and challenging.  We do it regardless of attention we receive from others in our wider UU world, but are thrilled that we are getting more recognition and are committed to increasing the visibility and legitimacy of this vital ministry.

We do it because college students need ministry now. We do it because we believe that institutional relationships between colleges and congregations can transform both communities and the larger neighborhoods of which they are a part.

We create, sustain and build lasting institutional relationships and vital ministry to current college students.We gather in sacred community on campus and on continental conference calls, webinars and Facebook.

We meet in lobbies of research buildings and student centers, in college chapels and classrooms.
We join congregations and fellowships.
We come together for justice in the streets of our neighborhoods.
We share.
We cry.
We hug.
We celebrate.
We think.
We listen.
We talk.
We disagree.
We question.
We sit.
We pray.
We sing.
We rise.
We serve.
We worship.
We are in state universities.
We are in community colleges.
We are in professional schools.
We are in private universities.
We are in technical schools.
We are in public colleges.
We are in private colleges.
We are young adult students.
We are adult students.
We are college faculty.
We are students with families.
We are students without families.
We are Lay Leaders.
We are Directors of Religious Education.
We are Youth and Young Adult Program Directors.
We are Ministers.
We are Chaplains.
We are Campus Ministry Coordinators.
We are Unitarian Universalist Campus Ministry.

And we need you.

Join Us!

Sign in the comments section with your name, role, campus ministry group, congregation and/or college.
https://www.facebook.com/CampusUUs (for all involved or interested in being involved in UU campus ministry)
https://www.facebook.com/groups/45193146010 (for UU campus ministry professionals)
YACM-Leaders – http://lists.uua.org/mailman/listinfo/YACM-leaders


In Faith,

Kayla Parker, Campus Ministry Associate, Unitarian Universalist Association


You! (Please sign in the comments section with your name, role, campus ministry group, congregation and/or college.)

About the Author

Kayla Parker is editor of Becoming: A Spiritual Guide for Navigating Adulthood. She is currently a seminarian at Yale Divinity School, and Ministerial Intern at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Meriden, CT.
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