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Opportunities for Youth at GA 2012

Posted by Jeremie Bateman // November 1st 2011 // Events and Opportunities, GA, youth // 2 comments

General Assembly 2012 is going to be amazing.  I know this because I spent a weekend with the Youth Caucus Deans Sara and Asha as they imagined the possibilities for youth this summer in Phoenix.  They’re currently working on a blog post about their vision and hopes for GA, so I won’t spoil it by sharing their decisions.  But what I can say is that they have put a tremendous amount of thought into building strong youth community, being involved with General Assembly attendees at-large, providing education and training, and visibly participating in the week’s witness and service events.  Youth will be a force at GA 2012.  We hope that you’ll be part of it.


We need your help to make it amazing.  Two opportunities are available to you right now to help make GA 2012 an exciting, vibrant community.


First, the GA Program Proposal deadline has been extended to November 30th.  If you have something to share with the General Assembly community, we encourage you to apply!  There is special interest in programs led or co-led by youth that are for all GA attendees, not just youth and their advisors.  What can you teach us?  What stories, events or worships can you share that we can take home and replicate in our communities?  What about how you do justice work do you wish adults in your communities knew or did too?  Check out the application for more information on what requirements program proposals need to meet.



Second, the Youth Caucus needs staff!  Youth and adult volunteers are currently sought for a number of positions, including worship coordinator, chaplains, justice liaison, connections coordinator and advisors/sponsor coordinators.  If you are passionate about youth community, justice and leadership, check out the application.  There are some age or training requirements for some positions, so check out the position descriptions.  Applications are due December 15th.



Keep an eye on Blue Boat for more information about General Assembly 2012 as we have it!

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Jeremie Bateman is the Leadership Development Associate in the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries at the UUA. He can be reached at jbateman@uua.org.
2 Responses to “Opportunities for Youth at GA 2012”
  1. Jonathan N Smith says:

    My name is Jonathan N Smith from Liberia, West Africa to be particular. I am interested in this General Assembly gathering and would love to participate.

    How do international participants get involve?

    • Carey McDonald says:

      Jonathan –

      So wonderful to hear you are interested in being involved! While of course General Assembly registration is open to all, those who are not able to attend wil be able to access videos and information from some fo the programs which are posted online [www.uua.org/ga] following GA. Coverage of GA events is also available through the UU World magazine at [blogs.uuworld.org/ga].

      Additionally, the theme of Justice GA has inspired UU’s across the country to host their very own events that bring the message of justice into their communities. If you are interested in getting involved with justice action through a UU congregation, contact the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists [www.icuu.net]. You can also check out the Church of the Larger Fellowship, which is a congregation that has members all over the world [www.clfuu.org].

      We’d love to hear about however you participate in Justice GA, either in person or in spirit!


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