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Super Supports for Small Groups

Posted by Carey McDonald // November 23rd 2011 // Guides and Tools, young adults // no comments

-Materials for young adult small group ministry-

One of the most common models of young adult ministry is Small Group Ministry programs (SGM). Though not unique to young adults, SGM offers an intimate spiritual space that usually includes guided discussion. While some congregations have huge SGM programs, such as covenant groups and chalice circles, for others it may seem daunting to get an SGM young adult program off the ground or sustain it over time.

Here are a few key materials that can help your young adult SGM gathering. Whether you are one of many SGM groups in a congregation, a member of a campus ministry group, or just getting started, these oldies and goodies are great resources.

  • Covenant Group Manual – This guidebook includes an overview of covenant-group style SGM, the basics of setting up a covenant group, tips for selecting and training leaders, and sample meeting guides. Available here for free download.
  • Finding Your Path – Focused on helping young adults navigate the many transitions in their lives, this 10-session covenant group curriculum asks participants to connect their own gifts and values with the decisions they make. Available here for free download.
  • Backpacker’s Notebook – This journaling guide is geared toward shared personal reflections on life’s transitions and changes. As the book states in the Welcome section, “It isn’t smart to hike alone.” Available here for purchase at the UUA Bookstore
  • Articulating Your UU Faith – Is there anyone who hasn’t struggled with describing to non-UU’s why their UU faith is so meaningful? This 5-session course explores individual experiences, promotes UU identity and engages participants in revisiting their “elevator speech,” culminating in creating a worship service for another UU group. Available here for purchase at the UUA Bookstore.
  • Popcorn Theology for Mature Audiences – A super fun discussion curriculum based on clips from R-rated movies, and issues they raise in relation to UU values. It has the flexibility to use one of the 18 sessions independently, or to expand a session by watching the full movie. Available here for purchase.

Got any other great resources to share? Post ‘em in the comment section!

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