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Reflections on 2011: Speaking Out

Posted by Rev. Dr. Monica L Cummings // December 15th 2011 // Mosaic, soundings, Stories and Voices // no comments

Hello Family,

I am sitting in my home office watching squirrels run across cable lines while reflecting on 2011.  Wow, it has been quite a year.  Most notable this past year is the publicity related to teen suicide because of bullying, and the Occupy Movement.

At first glance these topics seem to be unrelated.  However, after digging just a little below the surface, the connection becomes clear.  The common thread that connects the two is abuse of power.  For example, heterosexual youth who use their dominant cultural power to bully LGBTQ youth and CEOs of banks and corporations who use their financial power to bully the unemployed, under-employed, poor and working class. Indeed, 2011 will be remembered as the year the 99% broke their silence to let the 1% know that bullying (physical, verbal, financial) destroys lives.

Finally, I invite you to reach out to family and friends who may be struggling with unemployment, depression or illness during this holiday season and let them know that they are not alone.  Conversely, if you are suffering with depression, please reach out for support.  Youth and young adults of color who are interested, I have a list of UU ministers and religious professionals of color who are willing to provide chaplain support during the holidays.  Please contact me for a list of their names.

You can message me on Facebook at Monica Cummings, email me at mcummings@uua.org or leave a comment for me on the YaYA of Color blog, UU Living Mosaic.

Living My Faith,

Rev. Monica

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