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Summer Jobs that Change Lives at Unirondack!

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An Opportunity to Change Lives

Unirondack is a Unitarian Universalist Camp and Conference Center dedicated to providing children and families with the opportunity to participate in a community where they can live the UU values that we experience in our congregations.


Every day is a new adventure full of self-discovery, exciting programs, and new connections. The magic of Unirondack is created by our staff, who work incredibly hard all summer long to create and sustain our community. If you are an unusually self-reflective and intensely dedicated person with a wide variety of interests and skills, please consider applying for a position with us. We have openings for kitchen crew, maintenance crew, and counselor. We have a limited number of openings so please don’t delay-we’d hate to miss out on someone extraordinary like you!

Learn more about us or apply for a position!



Opportunities for experienced young adults that are rarely open:

  • Maintenance Crew Chief

This crucial position demands leadership experience, knowledge and skills in the areas of basic plumbing, carpentry, and the building trades, as well as extensive experience in supervising young adults and supporting them developing such skills. The Maintenance Crew Chief also has the opportunity to learn through collaboration with our Facilities Manager, so this is an opportunity to grow in many ways.

  • Head Cook/Kitchen Manager

This vital position demands an extraordinary range of skills and experience. The Head Cook has primary responsibility for preparing 3 meals a day for 100 people. Each meal includes a vegetarian option, and special meals for campers with special dietary needs that must be met. The Head Cook does all menu and meal planning, food ordering, and supervises a staff of 2-3 prep cooks and 3 dishwashers. The Unirondack kitchen is a place of welcome and nurturing for both campers and staff, which demands a person uniquely capable of working extremely hard while maintaining personal composure and remaining connected to our mission. The food at Unirondack is known for being extremely good, and we are looking for someone who love’s to go the extra mile in creating interesting delicious meals. If you can do all this, we want to speak with you right away.

Please e-mail questions about these openings or call after 4pm Eastern Time at 845-675-9001.

We look forward to working with you!

Dan Gottfried, Executive Director
Kris Fiore, Summer Camp Director

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Ted Resnikoff is the Digital Communications Editor at the Unitarian Universalist Association.
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