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Calling Young Adult Leaders!

Posted by Carey McDonald // January 17th 2012 // Events and Opportunities, young adults // 2 comments

The Young Adult Leaders Roundtable discussion is the newest venue for UU young adult leaders to support and connect with one another. Across the country, UU young adults are engaged in fascinating groups and projects, yet they often can feel isolated. Who, they wonder, is doing this work except me? Where to I turn for inspiration or guidance?

The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries has heard this need and will be hosting monthly YA Leaders Roundtable conference calls. We embrace a diverse vision of young adult ministry that recognizes young adults find religious connection in a wide variety of ways: small group ministry, activism, theological inquiry, congregational leadership and YA community spaces or conferences, just to name a few. Leaders from all these different areas should have a time and space to gather, and YA Leaders Roundtable will help provide it. Here are the details:

YA Roundtable Discussion – 7:30 pm EDT on Thursday, January 26.

Email yayadirector@uua.org to RSVP

Who is welcome? Any YA group leader who wants to participate! What will we talk about? The short answer is that the agenda is open. There’s no pre-determined outcome or overarching goal, other than strengthening the network of YA leaders. Together, we will share our joys and discover new ways of working to make our faith more affirming and hospitable for young adults. Here are a few guiding questions that we will use for our first call (if you can’t make the call, feel free to post your responses below or email us at yayadirector@uua.org):

  • How can we all support one another in young adult ministry; how can UUA staff and other religious professionals be most supportive?
  • What styles or venues of communication with young adults are most effective?
  • What type of structures (if any) would be helpful to have in place for promoting a diverse vision of young adult ministry?
  • What are the success stories that need to be told today?

See you then!

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Carey is the Chief Operating Officer for the UUA.
2 Responses to “Calling Young Adult Leaders!”
  1. Christine Slocum says:


    I would love to make it, unfortunately that’s not compatible with my work day on the West Coast. Could future ones be held perhaps one hour later or is that too late for East Coast people?

    Thank you,
    Christine Slocum

    • Carey McDonald says:


      Thanks for your interest! For next month we can definitely consider moving it a little later to make it more accessible to West Coast folks, perhaps 8 pm. It’s never easy to find a time that works for everyone, but I appreciate your suggestion and hope you can join us in the future!


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