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Are you certified?

Posted by T. Resnikoff // January 31st 2012 // GA, Guides and Tools, youth // no comments

Congregations are asked to certify membership in order to participate fully at General Assembly, including attributing voting on agenda items at Plenary. You might think at times your congregation is certifiable, but has your congregation certified for Justice GA 2012? The deadline for certification is Wednesday, February 1 at 5PM E.T., so ask questions now and know that you (and your congregation) have been certified!

Remember, acting as a delegate is a great way for youth to be leaders in their congregation! For youth who are able to join their congregations as full members, this is a time to demonstrate that equal participation. It is such an honor to be chosen to represent your home church, and one that youth leaders are ready, willing and able to uphold.

Learn more about Congregational Membership Certification.

Check here to see if your congregation IS  NOT YET certified.

Check here to see if your congregation IS certified.


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