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Top 10 Ways to Help Youth Prepare for Justice GA

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Top Ten Ways to Help Youth Prepare for Justice General Assembly is  a collaborative resource created by the UUA Resource Development Office and the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries.
Are you planning to go to Justice General Assembly (GA) in Phoenix? Excellent! All kinds of information about youth at GA and General Assembly Youth Caucus can be found on the UUA website.
You have probably heard that this GA is different from others. One of the ways in which it is different is that attendees are being asked to learn something about immigration justice issues before attending.


FOLLOW the posts on Cooking Together: Recipes for Immigration Justice, including the ones written by youth Asha Arora, Leigh Friedman, and Dylan Colbert. Check the blog weekly for more voices and perspectives.

RESEARCH your own family’s story and find out if you have relatives who were or are immigrants. If you are an immigrant yourself, decide how much of your story you would like to share.

CHECK-OUT the website We are America: Stories of Today’s Immigrants.


WATCH a documentary. Uprooted: Refugees of the Global Economy, Tony and Janina’s American Wedding, and Made in L.A. are three possibilities. For youth group showings, follow copyright law regarding community screenings (check film websites).

READ about challenges immigrants face. Fiction: Crossing the Wire by Will Hobbes (New York: HarperCollins, 2007) and Return to Sender by Julia Alvarez (New York: Knopf, 2009). Non-fiction: Immigration: The Ultimate Teen Guide by Tatyana Kleyn (New York: Scarecrow Press, 2011).

DO Workshop 4 of Heeding the Call, a Tapestry of Faith program for youth. This workshop, entitled “The Call for Empathy,” features the work of an Arizona organization called No More Deaths.


BRUSH-UP on your Spanish language skills!


LEARN about The Dream Act by reading a post from Rev. Carlton Elliot Smith or by listening to his blogtalkradio show on the topic.


USE resources in Immigration as a Moral Issue, which is a 6-week study guide for Unitarian Universalists. Better yet, lead the program in your congregation.


STUDY the UUA Board Report and Responsive Resolution on the Doctrine of Discovery. Find out why Unitarian Universalists are being asked by our immigration justice partners to repudiate the doctrine using the discussion guide on the UUA website.

We’d LOVE to know how you are preparing for the immigration justice issues that will be part of General Assembly in Phoenix and we WANT to publish your stories! Contact us at youth@uua.org or 617.948.4350.

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