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UVA Students Demand Living Wage for All Employees

Posted by Kayla Parker // March 1st 2012 // On Campus, Social Justice // no comments

As I was looking over the news last night I stumbled upon a truly exciting and inspirational story from Charlottesville, VA at the University of Virginia. Students that are part of the Living Wage Campaign have spent years talking with their administration and engaging in other activities like rallies. And there was no action. They are now on a hunger strike for a living wage for ALL university employees.–Ed.

UVA Students Want You to Know Their Hunger Strike Fight is Real

by Jorge Rivas

An amazing story that calls on all of us to recognize the need and advocate for policy change. Let us follow the lead of these UVA students by advocating for justice within our own colleges and universities.

The University of Virginia (UVA) hunger strike for a living wage entered its 11th day today with twenty students continuing to fast for a living wage for all University employees. Strikers say the majority of workers at the university are women and black.

After years of dialogue with administration, marches, rallies, petitions, and public resolutions, the Living Wage Campaign of UVA began a Hunger Strike on Feb. 18th to urge the university to enact a living wage policy. Organizers are asking school administrators to pay their employees enough to meet the basic cost of living in Charlottesville. Read the full article and watch the video from ColorLines!

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