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Overcoming Our Fears

Posted by Rev. Dr. Monica L Cummings // May 17th 2012 // Mosaic, soundings, Stories and Voices, youth // no comments

Hello Family,

Growing up, I was afraid of vampires. As the youngest sibling of four, I usually had to watch TV shows my older siblings wanted to watch. Most of the shows I enjoyed, however, there was one that caused nightmares: Dark Shadows. I can still remember the creepy lead character, Barnabas Collins, and how he manipulated people so he could drink their blood to stay alive. I can also still remember my older brothers waiting for me to get in bed after the show, creeping into my bedroom and scaring me before being scolded by my parents.

With age and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I was able to overcome my fear of vampires. I wish there was a TV show or movie that could help me recover from my dread of going to the dentist. When I go to the dentist, I have similar feelings like those I experience while watching Barnabas Collins bite the neck of his latest victim. I want to cover my eyes to avoid witnessing what is happening.

We all have things that we fear. We all have things that we resist. It is how we deal with our fears and the things that we resist that impact our ability to be healthy emotional and spiritual beings. What are some of the things you fear? What are some of the things you resist? How do you deal with your fears?

How do I deal with my fears and the things I resist? I try to embrace them. For example, I communicate to my dentist and his staff how difficult it is for me to show up for my appointment every six months. In fact, I have a dental appointment in an hour and I will show-up. Sure, I will be full of anxiety and tension. However, I know that after my appointment, my self-confidence will be high and I will have one more experience to build on of facing that which causes me dread. Because each time I face my fears or things I resist, I gain more self-confidence and the faith of experience to know that what does not kill me will make me stronger and emotionally and spiritually healthier. And that is my wish for all of you.

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Rev. Monica

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