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Synergy – Live Stream Thursday, 6/21

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Live Streaming “Synergy: The Call Across All Ages”

What did social justice activism look like when you came of age? How did you and your peers answer the call to create a better world when you turned eighteen? Is it similar for those bridging into adulthood today? Different? These are the questions that our speakers, across generations, will answer during the Synergy service on Thursday at 8pm.

Crossing borders is a frequent theme in justice work. We cross borders between communities, borders between the privileged and the oppressed, borders between nations, and psychological borders as we open our hearts and minds to more and more people. We expand our conceptions of what is sacred. We learn to see through other people’s eyes. In our social justice and environmental activism we also cross generational borders. We encounter different stories, different assumptions, and different approaches, many of which are rooted in the way the world was when each person came of age.

In the Synergy service we honor the necessity of including all of these stories, assumptions, and approaches in our work, as a movement, and as individuals, to create a better world.


The service will be live streamed (!) so you can join our multi-generational celebration, support those who are crossing the bridge into young adulthood, and reflect on the ways that you have answered the call to create a more just world.

With love,

Jennifer Channin

(Look for the live stream of the Synergy service from 8-9:30PM, Pacific time on uua.org)


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Jeremie Bateman is the Leadership Development Associate in the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries at the UUA. He can be reached at jbateman@uua.org.
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