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New Young Adult Ministry Job

Posted by Carey McDonald // July 9th 2012 // Events and Opportunities, young adults // one comment

Are you passionate about Unitarian Universalist young adult ministry? The Unitarian Universalist Association is hiring a Young Adult Ministry Associate in a joint position with the Massachusetts Bay/Clara Barton Districts. The job will pair national level communication, networking and advocacy for young adult leaders with local organizing and support for young adults in Massachusetts and Connecticut. This exciting new position is a full-time, Boston-based placement. We are looking for a candidate who is organized, capable, experienced, a good communicator and committed to young adult Unitarian Universalists.

You can read the whole job description here: http://www.uua.org/documents/hr/jobdescriptions/mfd_yamin_assoc.pdf.

For questions or to submit an application, contact me at cmcdonald@uua.org.

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Carey is the Chief Operating Officer for the UUA.
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  1. Amit says:

    in my earlier cemnomt, I’m a born-and-raised UU, and I was active in my congregation throughout my childhood and youth years. I went to GA as a freshman in high school and felt marginalized by the Con/YRUU culture of youth in attendance. They all knew each other, they all hung out, they all had their inside jokes that didn’t include me. I spent the entirety of GA going to adult panels (fascinating!) and hanging out with the adults of my delegation. I returned to my home church and found the YRUU community there lacking as well, and instead focused my spiritual energy on worship and the main congregation. In high school I participated in some youth-related activities, but I primarily related to my church through non-youth activities. I had felt like I was on the outside looking in, a feeling that was unusual for me to experience through church.I have never drifted far from Unitarian Universalism, maybe BECAUSE my participation was through traditional worship; I wasn’t part of some subculture of the church, but instead spent my time in worship and with adults, understanding our congregation and our faith. I’m starting seminary this fall, and as I grow even closer to Unitarian Universalism, I wonder where we can fill in the gaps for UU youth and young adults.

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