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Pastoral Response to Aurora, Co. Shooting

Posted by Rev. Dr. Monica L Cummings // July 20th 2012 // Mosaic, soundings, Stories and Voices // no comments

Dear Family,

pastoral_candle_imageThe airwaves and internet are flooded with news of the horrific mass shooting that occurred during the midnight showing of the new Batman movie.  When I first learned of the incident, I assumed that the majority of the victims and eye witnesses would be youth and young adults.  My heart breaks for the victims, eye witnesses and their families, friends and neighbors because they will forever be changed by this senseless act of violence.  My heart also is broken knowing that after this incident many of you may no longer feel safe or may hesitate to engage in activities such as this that bring you joy and excitement.

In grief, I offer you this prayer:

Prayer for the People of Aurora Colorado

Dear Unknown, Unknowable, yet Known by Many Names, we call out to you in this time of violence, loss, fear and pain.  May the victims’ families and survivors of this horrific event know that they are not alone.  May they know that people near and far are praying with and for them.

Dear Unknown, we call out to you for youth and young adults who have been traumatized by this event and will need the loving support of family, friends and faith communities to comfort and reassure them in the hours, days, weeks and years to come.

In the spirit of love that transforms hate.  In the spirit of community that transforms aloneness.  In the spirit that never forsakes and is always present.  We offer this prayer.


Rev. Monica

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