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It’s the Roundtable – Calling Young Adult Leaders

Posted by Shane Montoya // November 20th 2012 // Events and Opportunities, Guides and Tools, young adults // 3 comments

It Back – and it’s Round!

The roundtable is a great way to get to know your fellow young adult leaders and UUA staff.  During the call on Thursday, December 6, we will be talking about worship.  We will be joined by Aaron Stockwell, who is the Ministerial Intern with the Church of the Larger Fellowship and the International Resource Office at the UUA with a focus on Young Adult ministry.  He manages the Q4MYA group on facebook.  He is also a seminarian at Andover-Newton Theological School.We can talk about different styles of worship, the challenges and joys of leading and creating worship opportunities, and what works for young adults and what does not.

We are looking forward to talking with you!


The first roundtable this winter is Thursday, December 6th, at 8PM Eastern Time. 

We will use Anymeeting as our technology platform for the call. Please email me at smontoya@uua.org for the call-in code.

If you’ve participated in previous roundtables, we’d love to have you back.  If it’s your first time, we’d love to meet you!


You make the call! ;).


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Shane is the Young Adult Ministries Associate.
3 Responses to “It’s the Roundtable – Calling Young Adult Leaders”
  1. Jeremy says:

    Email sent. Looking forward to the call!

  2. Jennica Davis says:

    Ah shoot, I got to this too late. Is there another call scheduled I can pass around the info for?

    • Shane Montoya says:

      Jennica, I’m planning for another call sometime in the middle of January, probably during the Thirty Days of Love Campaign. There’s still some discussion about the nature of the calls and how we can better organize and mobilize young adults across the country. I’d love to hear your input through an email, skype or phone call!

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