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December Call- Build a Better Worship!

Posted by Shane Montoya // November 30th 2012 // Events and Opportunities, On Campus // 2 comments

Our third campus ministry community call of the 2012-2013 academic year is this Sunday, December 2nd at 9pm Eastern time

Whether you have been doing this work for years, have just begun, or are overwhelmed by the idea of beginning, we welcome you. We are student leaders, lay leaders, and religious professionals and all others involved in UU campus ministry.

All calls this year will be held on the first Sunday of every month at 9pm Eastern time.

We will be convening this Sunday, December 2nd at 9pm Eastern time


We will have brief introductions and then begin a discussion based seminar on building meaningful lay-led worship services.  Special guest Christian Schmidt, intern minister at First Parish Needham, will join us to talk about creating worshipful spaces- both spiritually and physically!

We will have time at the end for questions and networking!

How to connect:

We will be connecting both through the telephone and online through anymeeting, so that we might see one another’s faces. If you can only connect to the phone call, please still join us! Connecting to anymeeting is not required, but is great.

Step One: Anymeeting

Simply connect to our anymeeting gathering by copying and pasting the link below, and you’ll come to the online portal.


Step Two: Phone Conference Call

Do not use the number that anymeeting provides, we’ve got our own number so we’re going to keep using that one.

Instructions for Connecting to the Conference Call:
Call into the conference call:  1 (605) 477-3000
Enter your access code 571431#
Touch Tone Command Explanations:
Instructions – *4 key
Plays a menu of touch tone commands
Mute – *6 key
Press *6 to mute your line, press *6 again to un-mute the line

If you get dropped from the call, just call back in! You won’t be interrupting anything.

I am looking forward to having all of you I have worked with before and those of you I have yet to meet on the call!

Your biggest fans,

Kayla and Shane


P.S. Want to have a UU evening? Check out the Church of the Larger Fellowship’s service right before this at 8pm Eastern! http://www.questformeaning.org/reflecting/worship

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Shane is the Young Adult Ministries Associate.
2 Responses to “December Call- Build a Better Worship!”
  1. Marilyn Walker says:

    I am excited to have discovered Blue Boat and am happily sharing it widely.

    I have a little feedbck for you. I found my way to this page because of the title: December Call: Build a Better Worship. I’m always looking for ways to build better worship so I checked it out. However, it wasn’t immediately or intuitively clear to this elder what you meant by “Our third campus ministry community call of the 2012-2013 academic year …….” I’d like to suggest that you follow the banner heading with a short descriptive statement of the Community Call program that appears each time you reference the program. It is such an exciting opportunity but until it becomes part of the lexicon I’m afraid folks might pass it up.

    I am so proud of the work that is being done here. Congratulations and thank you.
    Marilyn Walker
    DRE Emeritus, Corvallis OR

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