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Introducing the YA Caucus Staff Part 2: Andrew Edition

Posted by Shane Montoya // January 16th 2013 // GA, young adults // one comment

Previously we met Sarah Napoline, the Young Adult Caucus Community Chaplain. Today, We’ll meet Andrew Coate, Worship Coordinator. – Ed.


What’s your background in Unitarian Universalism?

Aside from skirting the edges of Unitarian Universalism and liberal religion in general for years in high school I first got deeply involved at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ellsworth in Ellsworth, ME, while I was a student at The College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, ME.  In the winter of 2011 I moved to Boston and got involved with First Parish in Cambridge where I currently serve as a lay leader in a number of capacities.  I’ve also done a lot of social justice work from that faith-based perspective.


What do you see as your role at Young Adult Caucus?

I want to make worship meaningful for any young adult who attends General Assembly.  That includes involving YA Caucus in the planning and activity of worship prior to the start of General Assembly and making sure that everyone who wants to participate can participate.  I see accessibility of worship and involvement in worship as integral to making our faith meaningful.  I am going to be involved with young adults months before General Assembly to see how they want to be involved and how we can make worship work for us.


Why would a young adult want to come to General Assembly?

A lot of our congregations are small and many young adults aren’t currently members of physical congregations where they can go regularly.

Those congregations don’t always have a large young adult presence.  General Assembly lets you really meet up with thousands of Unitarian Universalists and hundreds of young adults.  It’s a time to grow in your faith in an intense way and feel more connected when we spread back out across the country.


Why would a young adult who is going to General Assembly want to come to young adult caucus?

General Assembly can seem really big, especially if it’s your first GA or first large conference.  YA Caucus is a smaller place that grounds you and orients you a little to what at GA may affect you the most.  It’s also a great way to meet other young adults and form relationships you can carry back home with you.


What’s something that interesting about you that most people don’t realize?

I did ballet for a long time; I only stopped when my ballet teacher accused me of not taking dance seriously enough when I started wearing teal pointe shoes with rainbow laces.  I still have the shoes.



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Shane is the Young Adult Ministries Associate.
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  1. Andrew Coate says:

    I do love that I forgot to mention that I’m currently an M.Div student at Boston University School of Theology.

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