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30 Days of Love: 29/30

Posted by Carey McDonald // February 16th 2013 // soundings, Stories and Voices // no comments

As 30 Days of Love draws to a close, I’m reflecting on all the different ways we’ve explored love and justice in the past month. For me, justice is rooted in the recognizing the flame that burns within each of us, and its goal is to make the world a place in which our flames can display their full brilliance. The problems afflicting our world may seem immense, but the solutions always start by affirming our mutual humanity and refusing to ignore or dismiss the truth found in the stories and experiences of individuals.

So in the coming year, I pledge to pursue love at all levels of connection as the foundation for a more just world:

To strangers and people with whom I have no existing relationship, I promise to treat them with dignity and humanity. I will look them in the eye, literally on the street or figuratively through the media, and bear witness to their their struggles and joys.

Among my friends and acquaintances, I commit to offering kindness and generosity to the fullest extent of my ability. I hope to be helpful wherever I can be, and to share the faithful bounty with which life has blessed me.

Within my faith community, I covenant to maintain my openness and presence so that we may together explore the ways in which we live out our shared values. It is this willingness to be both teacher and student, to recognize that no one of us has a monopoly on Truth and that revelation is never sealed, all while being held in the loving embrace of our covenanted congregations, that is the truest expression of my Unitarian Universalist faith.

For my family and close friends, I  vow to demonstrate compassion and support for them on their spiritual life journeys. Even though their journeys intersect with mine, each path is unique: I hope to refrain from judgement and instead honor their deep commitments and wisdom.

And finally, with myself I will (grit my teeth and) pledge to pursue patience and self-forgiveness, so that I can have the energy to start again each time I may disappoint myself or fail to live up to my own expectations. To be an advocate for justice, I must have the courage and equanimity to keep going in the face of challenges.

If I can manage to do all these things, to pursue love and justice at every level, then it will have been a wonderful year. Best wishes for you in your journey for love!

February 16, 2013. Looking Back 29 Days.

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Carey is the Chief Operating Officer for the UUA.
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