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True Fraternal Love

Posted by T. Resnikoff // February 27th 2013 // On Campus, Stories and Voices // no comments

This story is re-posted from Boston.com. – Ed.

Transgender_symbol_HiResEmerson College fraternity members raise money for one brother’s gender reassignment surgery

By Martin Finucane, Boston Globe Staff

Members of an Emerson College fraternity are raising money so one of the fraternity brothers who is transitioning to become a man can get gender reassignment surgery, a college official said.


Donnie Collins, class of 2015, was denied insurance coverage this month to remove breast tissue and restructure his chest, said Jason Meier, director of student activities at Emerson.

Collins is now being helped out by fellow members of Phi Alpha Tau, “guys in the fraternity who care deeply about one of their brothers,” Meier said. (Read the full story, including video, here.)



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