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Lifting Up Our OWL

Posted by T. Resnikoff // March 21st 2013 // Guides and Tools, Stories and Voices, youth // no comments

This is a re-post of a story of the Our Whole Lives curriculum in action from The Christian Century. You’ll find links at the end of the re-post for more information about OWL – Ed.

OWL booksWhen Nicole Chaisson teaches fifth- and sixth-graders about sexuality at Macalester Plymouth United Church in St. Paul, she doesn’t have to worry about what the state legislature might say. She is not relying on federal funding, and no organization will ask her to demonstrate the results. But her relative freedom doesn’t make her task simple.

On this Sunday evening, the session is about puberty, and the six girls and five boys in attendance are giggling nervously. They seem both comfortable at being there and anxious about the conversation about to take place. The anxiety is eventually voiced by one child by way of a question placed in an anonymous question box: “Why do we need to learn about puberty?” (Read the full article here.)

OWL on uua.org.

OWL on wikipedia.

Nomination of OWL for the Women’s Health Hero Award of Our Bodies Ourselves.



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