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“Cobalt and the Hired Guns” Play Synergy

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Mix it Up(∞) With Some Pulsating() Hard Alloy(*)!

Cobalt and the Hired Guns is a durable rock band that originated among some friends, Unitarian Universalist youth who attended youth con. They’ll be making a team effort (okay, enough with the puns), playing the Synergy Worship at General Assembly this year on Friday, June 21, between 8:30–10PM. (Check the GA schedule here.) Their music is described as enthusiastic, “shout-it-out” and fun – and how can you beat that?


From their website: Cobalt & the Hired Guns is about love and guts, energy and enthusiasm – refusing to pretend they aren’t having fun.

Friends since they were just little buckaroos, the boys of Cobalt & the Hired Guns have always aspired to create an album to match their rambunctious live shows. It’s finally here!  Their new record, Everybody Wins!, aims for the rafters with a cherry bomb explosion of poppy punk, barroom ballads, power pop, Ska, horny rock and good humor. Following up 2008’s Jump the Fence – their first Carbon Neutral album- Everybody Wins! continues the tradition of the band’s commitment to art and environmentalism- and includes their fullest lineup of 20 different players (not all at the same time).

Check out Cobalt and the Hired Guns online, or, better yet at GA 2013 in Louisville, KY!


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