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Meet the Next Youth Observer!

Posted by Carey McDonald // May 3rd 2013 // Featured Youth, youth // one comment

Rosemary Dodd has been elected 2013-14 Youth Observer for the Unitarian Universalist Association Board of Trustees. As a junior from Petaluma, California, Rosemary says that her “experiences on this regional level have motivated me to serve on a national one” and is honored by the opportunity. Congratulations, Rosemary!

Photo YO13 Rosemary Dodd - adjIf you want to get to know Rosemary a little better, click here to check out her campaign video.

Thanks to our other candidates, Nora Collins and Erick Ditmars, for their participation in this year’s election. Over 130 youth from a dozen congregations participate in this year’s voting process, thanks to all those who voted as well!


The Youth Observer is a one-year position on the Unitarian Universalist Association Board of Trustees, elected each spring by congregational youth groups across the country. The Youth Observer provides a youth voice on the Board. Here are some of the Youth Observer’s duties: staying current on issues of interest to UU youth in districts and congregations, linking and nurturing relationships between youth leaders, informing General Assembly Youth Caucus of relevant Board issues and discussions.

In the upcoming year, the new Youth Observer will have the chance to serve with a new moderator and a newly elected, newly structured UUA Board of Trustees. You can read more about the Board’s transition from 19 district representatives to 11 at-large trustees and this year’s election for moderator here.

Look forward to hearing about Rosemary’s experiences as a youth on the Board in the coming year.

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