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Youth Caucus is Connection

Posted by Jeremie Bateman // May 8th 2013 // youth // no comments

GA 13 Youth Caucus logoPlug yourself in

Whether you come to General Assembly alone or with your youth group the programs offered by Youth Caucus are a great place to get connected!

Here are some highlights.


YOUTH MIXER On Wednesday night, the Youth Caucus Room will become a social space with games, music, conversation, crafts and more. Have an instrument? Bring it. Have a favorite game? Teach others to play it. Want to meet new people? Grab some of our conversation starters. Like crafts? Make a friendship bracelet, pipe-cleaner sculpture or creative mailbag gifts.

DANCE Alhough not organized by the Youth Caucus, the all-ages GA Dance always draws a huge youth crowd. Scheduled for after the Synergy Bridging Service on Friday night, it’s a great way to celebrate with your new friends.

CREATING CONNECTIONS, STRENGTHENING FAITH During Program #1 on Thursday, the Youth Caucus room becomes a networking space organized by our Connections Coordinator, Anna Ruth Hall. A mix of icebreakers, facilitated conversations and small groups, this session will introduce you to new people, help you share what you love about what you do, and get new ideas to take home to your community.

OTHER OPPORTUNITIES You’ll find out about other opportunities to connect during the Youth and Sponsor Orientation on Wednesday, including mailbags, message walls, and potential meal meet-ups. Don’t miss orientation!

AnnaHallConnect with the Connector


Helping to make all of the connecting happen is Anna Ruth Hall, the Youth Caucus Connections Coordinator. A junior from the Neighborhood Church of Pasadena, Anna tells us that she’s most excited to spend the week at GA with such a large group of youth. She describes her role as “facilitating interactions between all of the Youth Caucus youth, as well as integrating youth into the larger UU community.”

We asked her what she wanted youth and sponsors to know about GA. Anna’s clear response, “Youth workshops are fantastic, but also try branching out to the intergenerational workshops as well, because they can be equally fulfilling and enriching! Sponsors, encourage your youth to participate in youth workshops AND intergenerational workshops, too!”

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