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Posted by T. Resnikoff // May 10th 2013 // Submit ! // 3 comments

ContentThe Blue Boat welcomes content  on any topic relevant to Unitarian Universalism or issues of social justice, and favors submissions that are relevant to the youth or young adult experience of living and acting upon the principles and values of a liberal faith.

There are no formal limitations on length, although 250-1000 words is recommended. You must own the rights or include permissions for re-use of content you do not own. The Blue Boat reserves the right to edit your work.

By submitting your work you affirm the Blue Boat or the Unitarian Universalist Association may republish it as it sees fit.


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About the Author

Ted Resnikoff is the Digital Communications Editor at the Unitarian Universalist Association.
3 Responses to “Content Submissions”
  1. Emily Parker says:

    I am unable to submit content; the first line of this post reads “Contact Form Shortcode Error: Form 2 does not exist.” However, I would like to submit a post to publicize a survey project I am conducting. This project explores the four years after Bridging for UU young adults. I would like to both attract more survey participants (UUs who bridged in 2014) and make the project more accessible. I look forward to hearing more! Thank you!

    • T. Resnikoff says:

      Hi Emily,

      Please send your content to me at “tresnikoff@uua.org”. I’ll see to it that it gets on the blog and other social media outlets. Thanks also for the information about the error code. I’ll get that fixed.

      Ted Resnikoff.

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