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Youth Caucus Deans Report

Posted by Jeremie Bateman // November 12th 2013 // GA, Issues and Trends, youth // no comments

Calvi and Huelsbeck_smallBOSTON – This past weekend, your 2014 General Assembly Youth Caucus Deans, Owen Huelsbeck and Olivia Calvi, have been hard at work planning what Youth Caucus will be like in Providence, Rhode Island, this June.

It has been reported that their vision statement is as follows:


We envision GA 2014 as a deeply spiritual, religious community that provides the opportunity for all generations to collaborate and grow as leaders. We envision a gathering where people of all ages are challenged, encouraged, and equipped to live their values in the world, reaching out beyond themselves, in service of a collective mission.”

When interviewed, both displayed great excitement and enthusiasm for this year’s programming, involving “lots of fun community building and personal growth.” Their informational videos will start appearing on the internet, so be sure to check the Youth Caucus 2014 Facebook group, the @YouthCaucusGA twitter and the Blue Boat Blog frequently!  It is safe to say, these freelance reporters are rather convinced themselves about going to General Assembly this year, and you should be too!

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Owen Huelsbeck_smallOwen Huelsbeck, from Tahoma Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Tacoma, Washington, is the Senior Dean of Youth Caucus 2014.


Olivia Calvi_smallOlivia Calvi, from Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church in Canoga Park, CA, is the Junior Dean of Youth Caucus 2014.

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