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How Am I, Anyway?

Posted by T. Resnikoff // November 18th 2013 // Future of Faith, Guides and Tools, Issues and Trends // 10 comments

Find out in 14 Questions.


The PEW Research Center created a quiz to answer the burning question “Am I a Millennial?” See how your point-of-view aligns with that of the Millennial Generation. (Might be a good thing to do as Millennials are all the rage right now.) Are you a Millennial, X’er, ‘boomer or other? Let us know…

Take the Pew Research Center Quiz here.



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Ted Resnikoff is the Digital Communications Editor at the Unitarian Universalist Association.
10 Responses to “How Am I, Anyway?”
  1. Sarah Wells says:

    I precede the boomers by one year

  2. Christine says:

    Scored a 35. I am 27, apparently my habits are closer to Gen X and the boomers?

    • Carey McDonald says:

      Christine, I’m with you, I scored a 36. I guess I read too many newspapers, and talk to my elected officials too much. Maybe I should get a tattoo to boost my score?

  3. Fred says:

    I’m not sure what these means. I was born in 1954, yet I scored a 70 on the quiz.

  4. T. Resnikoff says:

    When I took the quiz a few days ago I scored 85, yet I already had my driver’s license by 1981. The quiz results, it seems to me, depend to a certain degree on what the person has been doing very recently (over the past 24 hours) and their life circumstances as well as their personal choices. I don’t own a TV; I don’t have land line (because I live in a new house); I do text with my teen-aged daughter (because that’s the way she prefers to communicate with me); my parents are still married (which says more about them than me, as I am divorced…)

    What I find interesting about the quiz is that it makes it easier to recognize that the “millennial generation” isn’t so much a rupture with the past as it is an evolution of the views and values of previous generations: thus far I have not heard of anyone scoring zero or 100 on this quiz.

    The survey also lifts up the realization that while one’s generational identity is certainly important, one’s personal identity is even more so.

    BTW – I took the quiz again today to confirm my impressions and came out again at 85. Maybe I should take it a day after my daughter has been mad at me ;).

    • Carol Zehr says:

      I’m right in the Baby Boomers.
      I read the newspapers
      I’m 68, what does that mean?What am I looking for?
      I haven’t found out my score yet. I don’t text. I have a cell phone and a land phone and a computer.

      • T. Resnikoff says:

        Hi Carol,

        You ask good questions. I don’t know what one’s result means for the individual concerned – I mean do you feel any different knowing how you stack-up as a Millennial?;). On the other hand, maybe in the aggregate all responses reveal something about the Millennial point-of-view and how it is similar to or different from that of people born before 1981.

        I’m intrigued that you have cellphone, land phone and computer – do you find you use them the same way to communicate, or do you find each has weaknesses and strengths relative to the others? How do you choose which technology to use – how is the experience different for you calling someone from your cell or land phone? I’d be interested to know!

  5. Annie Gonzalez says:

    Well I was born in 1985 and scored 79 points. That seems accurate.
    I love the questions raised in the comments. It’s clear that being born in a certain year doesn’t guarantee any particular habits or traits. I think about my Boomer parents and how in the last two years they’ve transitioned from sharing one cell phone and still having a land-line to getting rid of the land-line in favor of two smart phones. They text, including texting photos, and use facebook. It’s a big shift for them, but they mostly embrace it. I wonder if many folks of all ages are becoming more “millenial” and if there are other demographic factors at play (urban v. rural, class, race, etc.)

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