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Theologically Outed by a ‘Moment of Honesty’

Posted by T. Resnikoff // November 25th 2013 // Future of Faith, Issues and Trends // no comments

“We’ve got to realize what we’re doing here with our theology…”

Over the weekend Reverend Frank Schaefer spoke about his suspension and impending defrocking by the United Methodist Church. During a radio interview he explained that understanding the pain caused by the church’s position that same-sex marriage is, “not compatible with Christian teaching,” made him a silent supporter of marriage equality, and that he was no longer willing to be silent.  Stating that his recent trial for officiating the same-sex marriage of his son in Massachusetts in 2007 had, “…really outed me to the world in terms of where I stand on my theology,” and that he now felt compelled to speak in support of marriage equality.


Sign our petition of appreciation for Rev. Frank Schaefer speaking out for marriage equality.


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