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Questionable Reflections

Posted by T. Resnikoff // December 1st 2013 // Issues and Trends, Thanksgivukkah // no comments

Thanksgivukkah_Social_JusticeHumor about Identity… Oil in Water or Watery Wine?

Even when acting with intention to be respectful of the many ways in which we are different, we also love to laugh (in fact laughter is considered as being essential to good health).

Unfortunately, humor is complex, different for everybody and often at least a little offensive to be effective. In the  “documentary series” Funny Business, Rowan Atkinson claims that people can be funny in three ways: by behaving in an unusual way, being in an unusual place, or being the wrong size.[*]

We’ve collected some example of Thanksgivukkah humor that tries to straddle the line between tastefully offensive and just not okay. Watch, read, laugh, reflect and share your observations with us.


Stephen Colbert Thanksgiving Under Attack – Hanukkah












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