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We’re Listening Up!

Posted by Annie Gonzalez Milliken // December 18th 2013 // Events and Opportunities, Featured Young Adults // 5 comments

This is an announcement from Shawna Foster, from the Unitarian Universalist Association’s International Office.– Ed.


International Young Adult Listening Project


If you’re a young adult living abroad, we want to hear from you! The International Office is conducting a listening project.

What’s a listening project? It’s when an interviewer spends time with a certain group of people with carefully developed questions to find out what is going on in their lives.

The International Office wants to listen to young adults to see what their lives are like and how Unitarian Universalism plays a part in it.


Through these interviews, we will better understand what your needs are as a young adult outside of the United States and can start organizing to meet common needs. As stories are told and published, it reveals that ours is a global movement that touches so many people’s lives.

Find out how we’re all in this together by signing up today!

If you’re interested, book Shawna Foster or email her at sfoster@uua.org.

Shawna FosterShawna Foster is a ministerial intern currently serving the Church of the Larger Fellowship and the International Office at the UUA

About the Author

Annie is an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister and currently serves our faith as the Young Adult and Campus Ministry Associate for the Unitarian Universalist Association.
5 Responses to “We’re Listening Up!”
  1. Alison Carville says:

    Thank you, Shawna for doing this essential work for our faith community <3

  2. Ellen Rockett says:

    I’m not currently living abroad, but I worked in Germany for a while and was seriously looking into moving back to live for quite a while. The lack of a strong UU presence there was a major part of my decision to back away from making Germany my home. I’d be interested in being part of this conversation even if I’m not currently living abroad…

  3. JG says:


    We’re a family of 4 living in Cairo Egypt. There is no UU presence here, that I am aware of.

    Just too bad.


    • Carey McDonald says:

      Hi JG – Sorry to hear that! If you’re interested in connecting with UUs across the world, check out the following links:

      > Quest for Meaning (questformeaning.org) and the Church of the Larger Fellowship (clfuu.org), our virtual congregation with online ministry, worship and discussion groups
      > International Council of Unitarians and Universalists (icuu.net), an international umbrella body for Unitarians and Universalists


      • JG says:

        Hi Carey,

        Thanks for the note. We do follow the Church for the Larger Fellowship. They do a great job at creating a community.

        Hope you are well.



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