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Combat Intolerance with Faith

Posted by T. Resnikoff // March 25th 2014 // Issues and Trends // no comments

Don’t Be Sad, Be Blue!

IFYC_BT-Avatar2Even if it seems counter intuitive, people of faith are not immune to intolerance. The Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) founded by Eboo Patel works to bring people of different faiths – atheists included – together behind the unifying message: We are better together.

Watch Eboo Patel’s Ware Lecture to the 2013 UUA General Assembly

From the IFYC website:

When you pledge to #BeBlue on April 10th, you’re standing up for your friends, family, and neighbors of other beliefs by helping to change the narrative that different religious and non-religious traditions are doomed to fight. Being blue is a small action that makes a big statement: we’re all better when people from different traditions and backgrounds work together. Here are ways to take action in your community:

• Take the Better Together Day pledge at the top of this page (ifyc.org/beblue).

• Update your social media profiles and share Better Together Day with your friends and family.

• Wear blue on April 10th to show your support and raise awareness around interfaith cooperation.

• Plan a “Be Blue” event. Need ideas? Here are 7 ways to make an impact on Better Together Day

 Watch and share the IFYC project to turn the world blue on April 10:


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