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Most Religiously Diverse Countries

Posted by T. Resnikoff // April 8th 2014 // Future of Faith // no comments

Religious_DiversityUnitarian Universalism is a welcoming faith that encourages interfaith search for spiritual fulfillment and meaning, while – according to research from PEW Forum on Religion and Public Life – the United States is considered to be only “moderately” religiously diverse, and the second most common religious identity in the U.S. is “religiously unaffiliated”, or Nones.

Interestingly, the most religiously diverse countries also have high rates of religiously unaffiliated, suggesting that the major American faiths, which are all Christian, aren’t growing because they are losing members to other faiths, but because they are failing to keep the faithful engaged. At the same time religious identification is falling in the United States, the Unitarian Universalist Association reports that Unitarian Universalism – based upon 7 Principles rather than church doctrine – is growing on its welcoming margins.

Read this article on Huffington Post listing the 12 most religiously diverse countries in the world. (Hint: you will probably be surprised to learn where they are.)

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Map of degree of religious diversity throughout the world from PEW Research.


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