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Marriage Equality: Legal* in as Many States as Not.

Posted by T. Resnikoff // May 23rd 2014 // Social Justice // no comments

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Although evolving toward a new norm the current state of marriage-equality in the United States is somewhat confusing. In some states marriage-equality is legal and practiced whereas in others, though legal, the practice is suspended pending further court review. What can be clearly stated is that as of today about 210 million Americans (66% of the population of the United States) still live in states where the right to marry is restricted on the basis of gender-preference.

Support the UUA in making marriage Equality the law of the land


20 states – Marriage equality LEGAL.

9 states – Ban on marriage-equality struck down, same-sex marriages on hold pending outcome of APPEAL.

20 states – Ban on marriage-equality challenged in court, outcome PENDING.

1 state – Same-sex marriage banned, constitutional amendment passed as  ballot issue in 2004, it is NOT CHALLENGED.



Look at this map on Slate to see the current state of marriage equality in the United States.

Visit the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) website for detailed state-by-state information on  marriage-equality.



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