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Love Reaches Out From this Faith

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UU: Challenging the Propensity for Polar Thinking

Not_for_Ourselves_AloneNot for Ourselves Alone – Theological Essays on Relationship” explains that Unitarian Universalists reach out in love not because they must yet are compelled to it by faith. Edited by Burton D. Carley and Laurel Hallman, these essays provoke reflection on a seeming paradox of the Unitarian Universalist faith that is built upon a free and responsible search for truth and meaning  – for if each is free to search, where is the common ground upon which we meet to move forward in faith?

The exploration of this seeming paradox reveals the deep value and lasting power of a movement of faith that celebrates communally embracing the individual. It reveals a faith that does not command railing against injustice but gives voice to the calling from within that binds humanity to the struggle for what is just.

Read these 12 essays organized around 6 themes discussing one of the qualities of Unitarian Universalism that causes the faithful to reach beyond theirself and through their community into the world leading up to the “Love Reaches Out” General Assembly, June 25–29 in Providence, RI.

Purchase “Not for Ourselves Alone – Theological Essays on Relationship“, published by Skinner House Books, at the UUA Bookstore online, or at General Assembly.


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