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Posted by T. Resnikoff // June 25th 2014 // Programs and Links // one comment

Youth_AdvisorYouth Advisors and other adults supporting youth are vital to outstanding youth ministry.


Youth Advisors on uua.org. Our advisor landing page is a portal to all sorts of webinars, information and resources. We highlight a number of them below.

Youth Ministry Advising: A Complete Guide This book is a must-have for DREs, youth advisors and any adult working with youth. It talks about mentorship, safety, the nuts and bolts of groups, and more.

Webinars Find the following webinars on this page.

  • Youth Leadership 101
  • Pastoral Care for Youth and Young Adults Engaged in Non-Suicidal Self-Injury
  • Sustainable Youth Ministry
  • New Youth Advisor 101
  • Ministry with Transracially Adopted Youth

Welcoming Children with Special Needs Originally a printed resource book, this excellent guide by Sally Patton is now available as a free PDF.

Safe Congregations Resources for creating safer UU spaces for people of all ages.

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