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Posted by T. Resnikoff // July 8th 2014 // Featured Young Adults, Featured Youth, Future of Faith, UUA // no comments

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Smart congregations don’t see the  overlap between Boomers (in the prime years of congregational governance) and Millennials (adult and ready to lead) as a challenge, they see it as an opportunity to broaden their appeal.



Excerpt from “Got religion? How churches, mosques and synagogues can bring young people back” by on the Fox News blog.

…if religious institutions are ever going to get young adults to return, the leadership will have to figure out a way to make them feel like their time and talents are needed. It is not uncommon to hear boomers in church complain about the self-absorbed millennials who don’t support their religious communities.

But there is a chicken-and-egg element to this problem. The older members of congregations see these 20-somethings as children because they don’t take on responsibility. But as the older members lead longer healthier lives, they refuse to hand over any…

Here is how the Unitarian Universalist Association encourages multi-generational leadership in congregation.

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