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A Best–Seller’s Tips to Successful Youth Ministry

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Leading Starts with Who You Are – and How You Are

YM_Best-Selling_TipsJohn Green is one of the most successful current YA authors out there, whose work resonates deeply with youth. But it turns out that his success isn’t just because of what he writes, but because he shares with his readers who he is. In her post on “How Author John Green Can Transform Your Youth Ministry” from the Faith Formation Learning Exchange blog, Jolene Roehlkepartain explains (with links to videos by John Green and his brother Hank on YouTube) that the passion John Green inspires in his readers isn’t magic, can be replicated and is applicable to creating successful youth ministry.

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Takeaways from Jolene’ Roehlkepartain’s analysis of John Green’s recipe –

Be Yourself. John Green’s appeal is that he doesn’t pretend to be someone – or something – he’s not. People respond to genuine people.

Listen to Young People. Young people hang on John Green’s every word because he asks them to share their thoughts and feelings, and responds to what he hears. People listen to people who hear them.

Be Bold. Say what’s on your mind; challenge your listeners with your beliefs and allow your mind to be changed by what you hear in response.

Be Human. Humans are complex and very little in life is as simple as it seems. Sharing allowing the sometimes messy human process be visible gives a positive message credibility, and makes it real.

Be Involved in the World. Taking action you beliefs inspires others to do the same, and to act on their causes too.

Have Fun. Bringing what makes you happy into your work inspires people to engage with the work and with you.

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