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General Assembly, Here We Come!

Posted by jennicadavishockett // September 15th 2014 // Events and Opportunities, Featured Youth, GA, UUA // one comment

YC_2015Ever wondered what it would be like to be surrounded by nearly 5,000 like hearted people, exploring Unitarian Universalist values in an amazing new city? OR, have you been dreaming of making your way back to such a UUtopia after attending General Assembly in the past?


Consider Andrea and Olivia as your guides on just such an adventure. They are the Youth Caucus Deans for General Assembly 2015 in Portland, Oregon.



Junior Youth Caucus DeanAndrea Briscoe

Andrea Briscoe

Stats: I’m 15 and a Sophomore. I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I go to Main Line Unitarian Church.

UU Background: I’m a lifelong UU. I enjoy planning and attending my Youth Group’s shenanigans. I also attend Unirondack every summer and I find Joseph Priestley District cons to be absolutely superb.

What I’m most excited for at GA: My favorite thing about all UU gatherings is always the loving and respectful community. However, at GA I feel as though that community is taken to the next level. Not only is it a loving and respectful community but it is also a place where multigenerational relationships can easily blossom. At youth cons, youth group, and even church it can be hard to bridge the generational gaps but at GA it seems to come effortlessly. And of course I’m also super excited about Youth Caucus because it’s impossible not to be!


Senior Youth Caucus DeanOlivia Calvi

Olivia Calvi

Stats: I am 15 almost 16 and a Junior living in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California. I go to Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church.

UU Background: I am a lifelong UU but only really started getting involved once I reached high school. Then I started attending Pacific SouthWest District‘s Sr. High Camps and Cons and loved every minute of it. Since then I’ve been a camp counselor, was Dean at a con, completed worship, chaplain, and leadership training, and served on many camp staffs. This is my second year serving as a member of the PSWD Youth Board. Among other things I traveled to Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Church in Washington and became a graduate of Pacific NorthWest District‘s Goldmine Youth Leadership School and served on staff as Junior Dean of Youth Caucus last year.

What I’m most excited for at GA: My favorite thing about being at GA is meeting all of you lovely people. It’s such a great feeling to know that all of my staff’s hard work has paid off and that all Youth Caucus participants are having an amazing time. I really love GA because it is a truly inspiring and transformative experience for many people of all ages. I love being there to share that with you and I want to see the youth bridge that multigenerational gap, experiencing the greater General Assembly, not just what happens in the Youth Caucus room.

My goal is for each attendant to grow in some way whether that’s through leadership skills or something else, but I can’t wait to see everyone getting involved. I think General Assembly 2015 in Portland will be awesome, unique, and it is definitely something you will not want to miss!


Leave a comment and tell us what your favorite part of GA is.

Learn more about being part of Youth Caucus at General Assembly.

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