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Vote for Voting

Posted by T. Resnikoff // October 31st 2014 // Issues and Trends // no comments

It is a Right. Some Want it be a Privilege


From UUA.org,

“On June 25, 2013, the Supreme Court effectively struck down the heart of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 by a 5-to-4 vote, freeing nine states, mostly in the South, to change their election laws without advance federal approval.”

The outcome of the election on this November 4 could shift the balance of power in the United States Senate and state and local governments all over the United States. And while election driven change in government is good, when that change is the result of a less than fair process it is not. Amongst the things an individual can do to ensure a fair electoral outcome is to vote or encourage others to vote (whether by haranguing them or taking them to the polls).

Exercise the 5th Principle of Unitarian Universalism and your right to vote this November 4.

The UUA fights Voter Suppression

Learn how the right to vote is being suppressed:

The Precarious Position of Voting Rights“, by Penda Hair on MSNBC.

New Voting Restrictions Could Swing the 2014 Election“, by Ari Berman on The Nation.

The Most Brazen Attempt at Voter Suppression Yet“, by Jamelle Bouie on Slate.

Is it Voter Fraud or Voter Suppression in 2014?”, by Jake Flanagin on The New York Times.

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