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Improve Unitarian Universalism for Young Adults

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Record and Share Your Post-Bridging Experience


Emily Parker’s foundational study promises to make UUism more welcoming and spiritually fulfilling for all young adults. If you recently bridged we strongly encourage you to participate. – Ed.

Where Do We Go After Bridging?

If you are a Unitarian Universalist young adult who Bridged this year (or if you love somebody who is), then I need your help!

My name is Emily Parker, and I, like you (or your loved one), am a Unitarian Universalist who Bridged this year. Last year, I became interested in how we Bridge, and where we go afterwards. Why do so many young adults leave the faith? What are young adults looking for, and what do they find? How do their relationships with Unitarian Universalism change after bridging?

To explore these questions and more, I am conducting a Post-Bridging Survey Project. I am looking for participants who are Unitarian Universalists, around the age of 18, who Bridged from youth to young adulthood in 2014. This project will consist of of five short surveys over the next four years. All results will be published online for anyone to view and use, but the names and contact information of participants will remain private.

You (or your aforementioned loved one) can become a participant: just take the first survey now! This survey closes on November 30th, so please take the survey and/or send it to all of your Unitarian Universalist friends before the end of the month.

In Fellowship,

– Emily


Emily_ParkerEmily Parker is a freshman at Juniata College in Pennsylvania.  She hails from the First Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Hunterdon County in New Jersey.  Currently, she is studying Spanish and Religion and is learning yoga and sign language.  In her free time, she enjoys creating nests of couches and blankets with the other inhabitants of her dorm.



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