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RSVP Now to Chat with Peter and Jim!

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(Everyone is invited to read… Only Level 2 Luminary Leaders are invited to speak. – Ed.)

Shoot, I’m not a Unitarian Universalist Assocation (UUA) Luminary Leader yet!!!


I’m a Luminary Leader, but how do I know if I’m at Level 2?

Here’s how:


Have you filled out your Level 2 Experience Profile and Endorsements (DO IT NOW.)

Because wouldn’t it be nice if:

  1. The people heading up the UUA  knew you by name?
  2. Those people went to you when they needed information about how to run the UUA?
  3. Your voice mattered to the progress of our movement?
  4. Your voice didn’t just matter, but your impact on our movement multiplied in our world?
  5. You knew the ins and outs of how the UUA works?
  6. You could tell your friends not only that you talked to the President and the Moderator of the UUA – but that they listened?

Well, all those nice things will come true on January 24th for some of you!

We’re hosting a webcast exclusively for Level 2 Luminary Leaders on January 24th at 1:00PM Eastern Time. What is a webcast you ask? Luminary Leaders from across the nation will gather online to ask UUA President Rev. Peter Morales and Moderator Jim Key anything they want. Twelve people from Massachusetts to California have already RSVPed, and we’re aiming to get 45! Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out this RSVP  so we know you’re coming.
  2. Submit your questions and tell us if you want a chance to be the interviewer. [Actually, question submission time is passed, but we still want you to come! Ed.]
  3. On January 24th at 1PM Eastern Time, click the link you’ll receive in your email inbox a few days before to join the webcast.
  4. Listen and enjoy.
  5. Submit your comments in the comment box on the webcast to join the conversation.

What if I get to be the interviewer?

If you’re selected you’ll meet with UUA staff beforehand to prepare. We’ll go over the submitted questions together. During the webcast you’ll facilitate the discussion by asking questions and carrying the conversation forward by mentioning the comments posted by Luminary Leaders. UUA staff will help with technical support so you can focus on interviewing.

Who are these people?




As president, Peter Morales is responsible for progressing the vision of Unitarian Universalism and ensuring that our structures and programs all reflect that vision. He’s also the public face of UUism. That’s why you’ll see him at all the rallies, getting arrested, and in the news – as much news as possible – representing us.





Jim for YAYA

As moderator, Jim Key basically facilitates the governance and business of the whole association. He cares deeply that all voices are heard, not just the ones that have been around for a long time, or who have deep pockets, or who represent the majority of our demographic. He works with our Youth Observer Benji Janapol to make sure youth voices are heard.



So Join Us for a once in a lifetime (or at least a once in a great while) opportunity to meet with Peter and Jim!

Not convinced? Peter and Jim are very chatty:

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