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Youth Talks Request for Proposals

Posted by jennicadavishockett // March 10th 2015 // Events and Opportunities, Featured Youth, GA, General Assembly 2015, UUA, youth // 3 comments


Ever had a secret dream of being a bridge architect that you thought was just not practical? We’re here to make that dream a reality! Well, we can’t help you get a job in the construction industry, but we can help you build bridges.

Share your knowledge with us at Youth Talks, the Youth Caucus version of GA Talks, at General Assembly 2015 in Portland, OR. GA Talks are short multimedia presentations started by YA@GA (Young Adults at General Assembly) based on the successful “TED Talks” familiar to many.

Youth Caucus staff seek volunteers to create 10 minute presentations focusing on topics prevalent in the youth community on the theme “Building Bridges.”

Build Bridges with us as we challenge ourselves to become activists and leaders! We need YOU to share your knowledge with us so we can come together in community and achieve a greater mission.

Our goal is to include a variety of talks that are inspirational, motivational, and encourage youth to step out and make a difference in every community of which they are part. Preference is given to speakers from the youth and young adult communities. You must be registered for General Assembly to participate.

Suggested topics include:
• Bridging into the young adult community
• Connection, empathy, and vulnerability
• Self-esteem, self-love, and personal image
• How to have a greater impact as a youth

Please submit a 30 second video or audio proposal and a written summary about your topic and why you think it is an important message to be presented to youth. In your proposal we are looking specifically at:
1 Your experience with Unitarian Universalism
2 Why you think this message is important for the youth community specifically
3 The impact you hope your story will have on the Youth Caucus

If your presentation is selected we will ask for your signed permission to use your video as promotion for the event or other communications from the Unitarian Universalist Association.

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3 Responses to “Youth Talks Request for Proposals”
  1. Samantha Logan says:

    I am super interested in this and will likely be on a panel at the GA regardless! #soexcited!

  2. Phebe Hawes says:

    I so want to do this! I hope I get a scholarship to GA, otherwise I won’t be able to. But I’m going to write it up nonetheless, and hope that I can go!

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