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A Poem From the Earth

Posted by jennicadavishockett // March 24th 2015 // Featured Youth, Future of Faith // 2 comments

If the Earth Could Speak of Her Gratitude for Us Who Belong to the Interdependent Covenant



In a world of my innumerable heartbreaks, there you are.
At a time when humans worship net worth not self worth, there you are.
When busy feet trample my tiny, unnoticed joys and sirens muffle my songbirds,

…there you are.

Gas Meter, courtesy Max Pivonka.

Gas Meter, courtesy Max Pivonka.

A bird of paradise with a deep, sweet well that draws winged beings near.
A blade of grass whose stubborn thrust widens concrete cracks.
A sunflower, ever facing our first god. Absorbing, transforming light into life.
A vine of ivy, slowly swallowing what man made.
A dandelion, wings spread on chaos’ breath.

Bee Flower, courtesy Lori Ragona.

Bee Flower, courtesy Lori Ragona.

Your nectar is encouragement.
Your roots are my roots.
Your pollen is creativity.
Your tendrils are yearning for what I do too.
Your seeds are change.


Only together can we heal.

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2 Responses to “A Poem From the Earth”
  1. Marti Major says:

    Wow. What a great idea, Blue Boat. I am all choked up. No. Really. Thank you for what ever part you play here.

  2. jennicadavishockett says:

    Thanks Marti! Blue Boat seeks to bring Unitarian Universalism alive for young people. And we’re always looking for contributors!

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