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Bridging: the Present and Future of Faith

Posted by T. Resnikoff // April 10th 2015 // Events and Opportunities, Featured Youth, Guides and Tools // no comments

The Journey of Faith is Long – With Many Bridges to Cross

Bridging_15Faith is a life-long experience, so the Unitarian Universalist Association has resources for Lifespan Faith Development. And where there are spans there are bridges – and Bridgers (youth transitioning to young adulthood). Bridging bridgers is a big deal in Unitarian Universalism. Ours is a multigenerational faith, and today’s youth are the young adult present and future of our congregation.

Make it easy for transitioning youth to make new connections and maintain their faith! Urge them to take part in the Bridge Connections program. HERE IS HOW:


Woo-hoo! I’m outta here – the world is my oyster!



The Bridge Connections Program makes the connection happen by keeping the connection alive: You help collect contact information now  of youth transitioning to young adulthood with our secure online form, then we connect them in the fall with a congregation, campus ministry group, young adult group, or other UU community wherever they might be.




See, I don’t even NEED a bridge, and I’m Bridging!


Yeah, in the past we’d mail you a bunch of snazzy (or maybe not so) brochures for  you to peddle (or maybe not) to your youth, but we do it differently now! We GIVE YOU THE CHOICE!

You can:

1. Have youth fill out a secure online form, or

2. Download a PDF of the form and mail or fax it in, or

3. Contact us (at youth@uua.org or 617-948-4350). We’ll send you those snazzy free brochures to share with your senior youth.


We depend upon and so appreciate our partnership with you in helping bridging youth maintain their connections with UU faith communities – Thank-you!

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