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Commit 2 Respond for #ClimateJustice

Posted by Bart Frost // April 17th 2015 // Future of Faith, Social Justice // no comments

What We Will Make of Our Time on Earth


During Climate Justice Month we have reveled in the world we live in. We have embraced its warmth, its greenness, its snow, and its sunshine. We have gazed at waterfalls, fjords, icebergs, and countless other phenomena with glee. What a beautiful earth we inhabit!

We have also reckoned. Climate change is real. It is happening, and we cannot stop it. Superman will not be using his super lungs to suck up greenhouse gases and expel them into space. The Planet Express crew will not be moving the earth a few millimeters further away from the sun. Acknowledging it is the first step.

Then we reconnected. We reached deep within and found where our roots intertwine with earth. Hope springs forth, like the crocus after a long winter. Climate change is real and it is not good, but there are ways we can adjust. Ways to respond that create justice.

We still have one last theme for Climate Justice Month.

We need to commit. The world we live in is divine and holy, climate change is real, and there is hope that we can adapt–if we commit to climate justice work. By committing, I do not mean signing petitions or recycling.

How can you commit to climate justice?

There are individual actions you can take! There are congregational actions to take!

You can even support the future development of climate justice activists by contributing to the GROW training for young adults or making a donation to the Unitarian Universalist College of Social Justice (UUCSJ) or UU Young Adults for Climate Justice.

Tell us – How are you committing to fight for climate justice?


PS – Click here to see live images of our beautiful earth from space.

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Bart Frost is the Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries at the Unitarian Universalist Association.
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