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What should you do before you arrive? What should you bring with you to General Assembly?

Before your arrival:

Did you submit your Youth Caucus Forms? If your forms are not submitted, you will be unable to pick up your name badge when you arrive at General Assembly until completed forms are provided. Without your name badge, you are unable to attend GA events. Don’t miss out! Submit your forms today. Have questions about your forms? Check this out!

If this video doesn’t answer all your questions, I don’t know what will. Oh yes I do: contacting or calling 617-948-4350.

Have you discussed with your youth / with your sponsor what your agreements are for what events you’ll attend, how you’ll keep in touch, or what the boundaries are around where in Portland you can go? If not, check out the Sponsor Welcome information for some suggested agreements you might come to. Do this before you travel!


Bring the following with you to General Assembly:

  • enough clothes for each day of your trip, plus an extra day’s worth. Don’t get caught without enough if you get stuck in the rain or drop your smoothie.
  • reusable water bottle &/or coffee mug. This year we aim to make GA a zero waste event!
  • UU t-shirts, jewelry, etc.
  • a notebook and pen
  • sweater, sweatshirt or wrap for cold, air-conditioned meeting rooms
  • comfortable shoes
  • money for food
  • money for tips for housekeeping in your hotel/lodging

These items are good to bring with you if you have them:

  • Standing on the Side of Love shirt (will be available for purchase in the Exhibit Hall)
  • camera or smartphone
  • cell phone for keeping in touch with sponsors/youth
  • money for the Exhibit Hall

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