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Get Involved and Lead at GA

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Want to get involved and lead at the biggest Unitarian Universalist event of the year? It’s easy!

Get_Involved_and_LeadWe’re your FUNTIMES Business Managers, Kara and Isabelle, and here are a few ways that anyone can get dig deeper to be a youth leader at General Assembly.

Getting involved at GA is way easier than you think; in fact, one way you can get involved is by going to one single workshop. At the “FUNTIMES: Get Involved, Be Heard” workshop on Thursday at 1:15 pm for example, you can get involved in youth presenting their own Action of Immediate Witness (AIW) to the entire General Session. An AIW is a resolution that singles out a single social justice issue that delegates decide UUs should be aware of and take action on. If you are passionate about racial justice or gender equality, this is the time and place for you to get involved and help the youth show the GA community that we are taking action to create a more just, equitable society. This is the first time the Youth Caucus has ever attempted to pass our own AIWs, so come be part of this historic moment! Take the lead and raise your voice, get involved!

If you’d like to get involved with more of the general GA community and start some intergenerational dialogue, another place for you to go are the Let’s Talk tables located in the exhibit hall during lunches throughout the week. These stations will have conversation starters where people come to talk about a variety of interesting topics, so if you’re looking to meet some rad adults or see what other people are doing with their time at GA, head on over and Let’s Talk!

If this all sounds a little confusing or you have questions about any of this information, don’t worry; here are just a couple of things that are completely normal and okay to feel if you are a youth attending General Assembly: nervousness about being a youth delegate, little knowledge of the “business side” of GA, and feeling unsure of youths’ role at GA. All of these things can and will be helped by your FUNTIMES Business Managers. Your only job is to come with open eyes and ears, and you will be able to achieve anything – as a voice of the youth in General Assembly, the sky is the limit!

See you in Portland!

Kara and Isabelle

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