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From workshops to worships, there are any number of things you can do at General Assembly. Below are some highlights of what’s happening in the GA Youth Caucus room and throughout General Assembly.

If you want to check out the entire schedule:

Download the topical guide for summaries by topic, including the entire Youth Caucus schedule and the Young Adults @ General Assembly (YA@GA) schedule.

Download the daily programming PDF or even the entire Program Book to see the full range of what’s offered at General Assembly, including workshop descriptions. Note: all Youth Caucus workshop descriptions are included in these resources.

Download the GA App for a digital copy of the Program Book content, as well as a number of other tools.

Download a blank schedule to plan out your week!


Youth Caucus Highlights

See the whole schedule in the topical guide. Remember, Youth-Sponsor Orientation is mandatory. Everything else is up to you.

Youth Caucus Worship – Youth will have their own opening worship on Wednesday evening at 10:00 pm following the Opening Celebration. Don’t miss Saturday’s Song Worship with members of Sanctuary Boston for a spiritually uplifting experience following the Synergy Bridging Celebration.

Creating Connections – On Thursday morning and Saturday afternoon, Youth Caucus offers two workshops with connections as a central theme. On Thursday (10:15 am) the workshop emphasizes Youth Group Games that you can learn to lead and take home. Saturday’s Take Me to Church workshop (3:00 pm) is on building the church community you dream about, with a visit from a special guest!

Youth Talks – Brand new this year, we have young speakers from across the country who will share inspirational stories about building bridges in the form of engaging multi-media presentations. Join us on Thursday at 3:00 pm in the Youth Caucus room.

SUUrvivor – Friday afternoon (1:15 pm) find out if you will be able to live your UU principles in a future post apocalyptic world. Discover and challenge yourself. Put your leadership skills to the test.

Business Matters – There are opportunities every day for youth to get involved with the business of the Association. Come to FUNTIMES on Thursday (1:15 pm) for an introduction to business and discussion of the Actions of Immediate Witness. Friday (1:15 pm) is your chance to talk with the UUA’s Board of Trustees and tell them how you think we can build a new way.

How the Work of Change Can Change You On Thursday afternoon (4:45 pm) get inspired by graduates of the UU College of Social Justice’s National Youth Justice Trainings to be an agent of social change.

Spiritual Practices – Can’t get your worship fix? In addition to all of the great opportunities to worship at GA with the Youth Caucus and the larger community, you can attend our spiritual practices workshop, happening on Friday (3:00 pm) in the Youth Caucus space. Come join us to dabble in a mixture of fun, introspective, thoughtful, and interactive forms from many different traditions.

Games, Games, Games! – Thursday evening after Service of The Living Tradition, come to the Youth Caucus room for team games like Pictionary and a spin on Jeopardy. There will also be plenty of board and card games for small groups to play.

Closing Circle – Begin the last day of General Assembly reflecting on the connections made and the things learned during the week.


Large GA Events to Get Excited For!

At all events held in Hall CD, Youth Caucus has special reserved seating. Find out the location at Youth-Sponsor Orientation or look for the giant inflatable palm tree!

Synergy Bridging Worship – the annual General Assembly Bridging Service, open to all, and especially honoring youth transitioning into young adulthood. Are you ready for a revolution?  Help us set the welcome table for all ages as we celebrate our youth becoming UU young adults and re-commit to our revolutionary transformative multigenerational faith!

Some notes for Bridgers:

  • Sign up at General Assembly in the Youth Caucus room on the sheet on the wall.
  • We need  volunteers to come to rehearsal. Rehearsal is at 4:45 pm in Hall CD on Friday.
  • Arrive no later than 7 pm on Friday outside of Hall CD . We also encourage your youth groups and family to sit up-front.
  • You will be on stage during the service and asked to speak your name and congregation into a microphone. Some choose to dress up for this worship but you are not required to do so.

A Sacred Public Witness: Commit2Respond to Climate Change – This event is sure to be amazing. Learn more in the Witness section.

Ware Lecturer Dr. Cornel West – Cornel West  appears frequently on Real Time with Bill Maher, The Colbert Report, CNN and C-SPAN, and he makes numerous appearances speaking to audiences large and small on subjects ranging from racial  justice and queer rights to climate justice. He is best known for his classic book Race Matters, published by Beacon Press in 1993. His latest books are Black Prophetic Fire and The Radical KingHe has recently been deeply involved in the Black Lives Matter protests and was among those arrested in Ferguson in 2015. Cornel West has a passion to communicate in writings and orations, through music and film, and in solidarity with groups and faith communities committed to justice in order to keep alive the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.—a legacy of telling the truth and bearing witness to love and justice.


Sampling of Suggested Workshops

Youth Caucus “top picks” for workshops to attend that are NOT hosted by Youth Caucus. A more robust list of suggested workshops will be made available in print at Youth Orientation and will also be posted in the Youth Caucus room. Below is just a sample. Read the full descriptions in the program book.

Multi-Generational Story Slam: A New Way to Share Cultural Connections (Thursday, 10:45)

Why Do We UUs Cross the Road…? (Thursday 10:45)

Empathy and Connection through Compassionate Communication (Thursday, 1:15)

Sexuality Education: Multigenerational Perspectives (Thursday, 3:00)

The Feminist “Him:” A Panel of Male Perspectives (Thursday, 4:45)

Be The Change: Youth Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism (Thursday 1:15)

Bridging: A Moment, A Process, a Lifelong Commitment (Thursday 4:45)

Expanding the Welcome Table: UUs Get Real About Class (Friday 1:15)

What Shapes Us? A Multigenerational Workshop (Friday 1:15)

GA Talks: Identity and Political Activism (Friday 3:00)

Finding Ourselves in the International UU Story (Friday 4:45)

Sacred Circle Dancing: Moving Meditative Worship (Saturday, 1:15)

Spiritual Memoir as a Vehicle to Inclusive Community (Saturday, 3:00)

It’s Not Easy Being UU: Let’s Get Real About Religious Bullying (Saturday 1:15)

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