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This Inspiring Youth Leader…

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Electrified the Amplified Crowd

Summer Seminary alumni Kara Marler presented this inspiring toast at the Annual Program Fund “Amplify Unitarian Universalism” event celebrating the United States Supreme Court decision legalizing marriage equality throughout the United States.

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Watch what Kara said here:

Read what Kara said here:

Hello! I am so happy to have such a good reason to be here with you all, it is an honor to witness such a profound moment of joy together. Rising through the jumble of emotions I felt this morning was a powerful, powerful feeling of gratitude. Many of you here have been fighting for my right to love who I wish to love for years that exceed my lifespan. You have given me the most beautiful gift of sanctuary. Young people of this community have grown up in your acceptance and have blossomed from your love. We have been inspired by your dedication and completely transformed by your passion. And so for your unbounding (sic) love and support I say thank you. Unitarians were some of the first people to tell me gay was okay; my minister was my confidant in personal times of struggle, and this broader faith community here continues to affirm and celebrate my and many, many others’ identities in one of the most beautiful displays of love I have ever seen.

I like looking out at you all now, I love seeing this sea of smiles, I love feeling the relief flowing out of all of you and washing over me. So please, take a good long look around this room. Take a deep breath, let the last of your worries go, and listen to this message. Those of you who have been working and waiting years, decades for this day: rest. Let us; the young, the young at heart, carry you. We have your fire because you gave us your passion, your love. You made a trail, you all guided us. I have walked a few miles and I am ready to run many more until every person feels deep in their soul the love I feel right now. Here’s to love.

-Kara Marler

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