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Do Cool Stuff: Be a Dean!

Posted by T. Resnikoff // July 17th 2015 // Events and Opportunities, Featured Youth, GA // no comments

(Co-Dean, that is)

Application Deadline is August 5, 2015

These people…



Are listening to these people…


General Assembly 2015 Youth Caucus was a HUGE  success, thanks not only to the hundreds of engaged Unitarian Universalist youth who attended, but also because of an inspired team of leaders (meet them here). In addition to rousing worships, great workshops, bonding and a visit from Ware Lecturer Cornel West, the leadership team led the Youth Caucus sponsorship of  and passage in general session of an Action of Immediate Witness: Support Black Lives Matter (see what happened here).

Here is how they did it: On  June 25, during their business meeting, the General Assembly Youth Caucus unanimously voted to sponsor and support the “Support the Black Lives Matter Movement” Action of Immediate Witness (AIW). They also unanimously sponsored and supported the Action of Immediate Witness “End Conversion Therapy”. After that meeting, they mobilized and collected signatures, amassing well over the number of signatures needed.

The Youth Caucus Deans were essential to this process.

The Deans sifted through all of the applications to find the Junior Business Manager Isabelle McCurdy, helped create a sense of community and trust among the Youth Caucus staff, and assisted in mobilizing the Youth Caucus. All in all, they made sure everything ran smoothly so that the Business Managers could do the work needed to make the AIWs happen!

Now is YOUR chance to join this team – apply to be Youth Caucus Co-Dean for General Assembly 2016 (Columbus, Ohio) and General Assembly 2017 (New Orleans, LA): CLICK HERE!

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