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Illuminating Leaders – Kendra Burdick

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 Luminary Alumni Kendra Burdick isn’t one for the spotlight…


But that hasn’t stopped her from becoming a powerful community leader. Kendra taught the Pre-K religious education class at her church and has been an elementary school cheer coach. She served as a Chrysalis trained Peer Chaplain and worship coordinator for her youth group. She was involved with her church’s Board of Trustees. Kendra attended Summer Seminary in 2014 to learn more about becoming a military chaplain and gave a sermon at her church after the experience.

Her youth program coordinator, Jessica Laike, thinks of Kendra as a “sleeping giant” – in the time she has known her, Jessica has seen Kendra go from being quiet and timid to being calm, solid and powerful.

In her own words, Kendra speaks about what chaplaincy means to her:

I am someone who is a listener and prefer to talk one on one instead of in large groups. I am also an introvert so being a chaplain is perfect for me. I have learned new ways of talking to people. I am not someone who cares much for small talk and I have found as a chaplain there is always strong meaning and emotion behind the conversation that must be honored.”

We are proud to honor Kendra Burdick as a Luminary Alum who joined in 2013, and are excited to connect her to the opportunities that will shape her leadership, keep Unitarian Universalism vital, connected and vibrant, and make the world better for us all.


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