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Illuminating Leaders – Kadyn Frawley

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And has had many life changing experiences because of it. Kadyn attended Midwest Youth Leadership School in 2014 where she learned that each person expresses ideas differently and that everyone longs to be heard and helped. At a Youth Chaplaincy Training in 2014 she learned skills she can use in her con community and in day-to-day life when assisting others to work through their struggles. Kadyn served on the Worship Planning Team for a con in 2014 at Countryside Church Unitarian Universalist where she learned how to apply spirituality and philosophy to a moving service for 200 youth and 50 adults. This year Kadyn attended Activate! New Orleans through the Unitarian Universalist College of Social Justice and now serves on the Northern Area Youth Council.

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Kadyn’s Unitarian Universalist(UU) youth group advisor Kim Tilford says that Kadyn “brings great enthusiasm to every group she is with and demonstrates respect by checking in with her peers if she thinks her enthusiasm may be overwhelming anyone in the group. She has great empathy for her peers [and] does her best to provide comfort and support when she sees a friend in distress.”

Kadyn wants to…  

help others grow spiritually and emotionally as I have in UUism these past years. My involvement in UUism makes me aware of the deep, ingrained importance of spiritual or lack of spiritual awareness. I have had many UU role models both in my church and my con community and I want to be that person for others. My work in running a con and going to Midwest Youth Leadership School have prepared me to be able to listen to others and embrace a variety of intellectual and spiritual view points.  

We are proud to honor Kadyn Frawley as a Luminary Leader since 2014, and are excited to connect her to the opportunities that will shape her leadership, keep Unitarian Universalism vital, connected and vibrant, and make the world better for us all.

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